After losing her job and being dumped by her boyfriend because of her over-the-top commitment to Christmas festivities, Katrina Marks vows never to celebrate the holiday again, putting out a best-selling book called “Just Say No to Ho, Ho, Ho.” But come December, Katrina can’t help but secretly celebrate, pouring her love for Christmas onto a website called “Christmas Lovers Anonymous.” There she connects with a special guy anonymously while she helps him create a magical Christmas for his niece. Little do they know, their online relationship is actually between two real frenemies – Katrina, an anti-Christmas author trying to hide her love for Christmas to protect her public image, and Hunter, a journalist trying to prove that the author Katrina Marks is a fraud. Will they finally uncover their true identities and fall for one another? Or will their real-life trajectories prove too different to overcome even with a little Christmas magic?

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