After running a writer’s workshop at a local bookstore, successful author Mikaela Leighton decides that she wants to restart her mother’s annual Christmas writer’s retreat at her family’s snowy lake chalet. Inspired yet annoyed by a pushy non-fiction writer named Levi that attended her workshop, Mikaela thinks reviving the retreat would be a wonderful experience for other writers, and potentially cure her own writer’s block. When she receives an application from Levi to attend the retreat, she immediately wants to reject him because of his persistence in discussing her personal life during the workshop. But with some encouragement from her assistant Keifer, and several attempts by Levi himself to get an acceptance, Mikaela finally relents and allows him to come to the retreat along with a handful of other writers. As the group completes Mikaela’s writing challenges, enjoys the beautiful nature surrounding the chalet, and eats home-cooked meals provided by Mikaela’s father, Mikaela and Levi start to fall for one another, and Mikaela realizes she may have found the happy ending for her book, and in real life.

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