With a big promotion on the line, junior PR professional, Rory Richards, 32, heads to a quaint B&B on Lilac Lake with her parents and sister. The reason for the trip: a vow renewal at the spot her parents first met. While there, Rory runs into the ex who broke her heart, Jason, and his new girlfriend. Panicked, Rory pulls the B&B's future owner, Noah, onto her arm and pretends he is her new boyfriend. Noah has problems of his own. The B&B is failing, and his father is ready to sell. To save his family legacy, Noah has invited bigtime travel blogger Penny Traverse to review the place, but he’s not ready. With her PR background, Rory suggests she help them prepare in exchange for Noah acting as her fake boyfriend. Rory and Noah work together to ready the B&B and between this fake couple, real sparks begin to fly.
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