Tara and Sam are meteorologists on rival small market networks, and they are both tracking a massive storm that’s set to dump unprecedented snow on the area in the next couple days. While they have two very different styles, they are both quite popular, so when a weatherman from the biggest network in the region walks off the job, they put their reporting, and their Christmas plans on hold to try and land the gig. The eccentric station manager offers each an in-person interview, but they’ll have to beat the storm if they want to be considered and make it home in time for Christmas. When they’re both stranded in a town called Mistletoe, they compete to turn in reports to land the job, but they also discover that the town lost its Christmas spirit when a popular rail line in the area was shut down. Feeling for the townspeople, and knowing that reviving a Christmas Village would make for a great story, Tara and Sam team up to save the town and land their dream jobs. The only question is: is there room for both of them in Mistletoe, and on air?

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