Liv James is a talented artist who has spent her entire life trying to fit in. Despite her clumsy nature, she has worked hard to portray a polished image and aspires to be part of the city's prestigious art scene. Meeting Bradley Johnson, the son of the city's high end art gallery seemed like fate and led to an opportunity to be part of the gallery's "Winter Wonderland Exhibit". When the show unexpectedly goes up in flames (literally), Liv's dreams are put on hold and she agrees to explore a new venture filling in as an art teacher for a primary school to make ends meet. On her first day of school, she meets Jake Hartley, a former professional hockey player turned teacher with a knack for telling jokes and a positive way with the students. Liv needs help learning the ropes and Jake needs a hand with the school's Christmas show, so they decide to help each other out. While Liv gets to know the kids through art class, she rediscovers why she became an artist – to make art and to make people happy through art. Just as Liv begins to find her true self again, she finds out that the art show is back on the same day as the students big Christmas concert. Torn between her new found happiness, her developing feelings for Jake and her old aspirations, Liv must decide who she truly is and what she really wants.
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