When brilliant and sharp-witted archaeologist Lucy Stewart decides to spend her Christmas break in the Scottish Highlands, she goes on a quest to find the ruins of a shrine to ancient goddess Beira the Queen of Winter. This discovery will save her job as a professor at a prestigious university from the upcoming budget cuts. She checks into a manor house, which is run by the boisterous Edina McAvoy, who believes it’s inhabited by the Christmas-loving ghost of her husband. Lucy enlists the aid of the charming Duncan McAvoy, Edina’s son, to help her navigate potential sites. Duncan owns a struggling distillery and is hoping that his new scotch, called Christmas Spirit, can save his business from a hostile takeover. Together, Lucy and Duncan explore the beauty of the Highlands while searching for her elusive shrine. While Duncan teaches Lucy to appreciate the nuances of a good scotch, as well as Scotland’s fascinating lore of faeries and magical beings, he also helps her appreciate living in the moment instead of constantly worrying about her future. As Lucy lets her guard down and opens up to Duncan, sparks fly. But Lucy doesn’t see the potential for a relationship since she’ll be returning home to America right after Christmas. Things look bleak when Lucy’s failure to find the shrine results in her losing her job, and she makes plans to return home, heartbroken to end things with Duncan. But with the unexpected help of a reindeer, some Christmas magic, and the manor’s mischievous ghost, Lucy discovers that the ruins were hidden under Duncan’s distillery all along. This not only saves the distillery, but Lucy will be able to remain in Scotland to supervise the dig and pursue her relationship with Duncan.

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