Mary Romero is a serious journalist who aspires to use her platform as an investigative TV producer to make the world a better place. The general manager of her struggling Chicago-based TV station, Hank, gives Mary an assignment as far removed from that goal as it gets: a puff piece for their biggest advertiser, Johnson Toys, commemorating the 40th anniversary of one of their signature toys that will air just before Christmas. Mary grudgingly leaves for the rural town of Brunswick, Iowa, which boasts having “The Holiday Spirit All Year Round” largely because Johnson Toys, the country’s largest manufacturer of Christmas toys, provides hundreds of local jobs. She gets right to business and meets Johnson Toys’ enthusiastic CEO Alton Johnson as well as his handsome son Blake, who is next in line to run the company but wants nothing to do with Mary’s documentary, which he believes will only focus on their commercial success. After initially butting heads, Blake shows Mary around the Christmas-loving town and shares more about its rich history. The two begin warming to one another over dinner, a stroll down main street, and peppermint lattes.

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