When matchmaker extraordinaire, Lucy, meets a random mystery man at a restaurant, she feels a spark. But that spark is squandered when, the next day, she learns that the mystery man is none other than Finn Grayson, her new client. At the urging of her sister, Lucy joins her on a trip to look at a vineyard up north as a potential wedding venue. After falling in love with the vineyard and its owners, Lucy is surprised to find Finn at the Vineyard for the weekend as well. Lucy realizes that the sparks she felt that one night were real. Finn and Lucy get to know each other through the process of Lucy setting him up with what she keeps saying is his “one perfect match,” but Lucy can’t push the feelings she has for Finn deep enough for it to not sting when Finn and the girl she set him up with really hit it off. Lucy is faced with the ultimate dilemma: lose her reputation as Seattle’s best matchmaker and go out with Finn after setting him up with another woman, or letting the potential love of her life slip away, with a woman she set him up with.

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