Successful, stunning 35-year old book author Kira Young is thrilled to be marrying her A-list actor fiancé Tyson Harris in just a few short months—that is, until a leaked sex tape scandal reveals Tyson’s infidelity with a woman who just went missing. Devastated and anxious about the cops’ suspicions of Tyson as a suspect in her disappearance, Kira travels home to her small mountainside hometown in Northern California to escape the bad press—where she soon runs into her old high school sweetheart, devastatingly handsome and charming local brewery owner Weston Wade. Wes visibly still has a thing for Kira even after all these years. But when a fun evening reminiscing about old times leads to a steamy overnight with Weston, Kira awakens the next day longing for her fiancé, quickly cutting things off with her old flame. Kira reveals her hope to make things right with Tyson to Wes, which in turn unleashes a possessive, dangerous side to him Kira’s never seen before. After one of Kira’s old friends and neighbor suddenly and unexpectedly disappears without a word, Kira wonders if there’s anyone in town left she can trust and what Weston is capable of. And when Tyson shows up in town to make things right, Weston reveals a diabolical plan of deceit, lies and murder he has been weaving for years, leaving Kira, her friend and her fiancé in a bloody fight for survival against a man she once called her first love.

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