Nicole Waters, is your typical type-A personality, a super organized, workaholic, which makes her the perfect personal assistant to Kimberly Price, a high-powered venture capitalist. Nicole runs every aspect of Kim’s life and plans every day down to the minute, so when Kim gets engage to Bradley, she decides to put Nicole in charge of the wedding planning. It sounds like a match made in heaven, the ultra organized assistant who knows her boss better than anyone else. But there’s one problem, Nicole HATES weddings, she has avoided all things romance since her boyfriend who she thought she would marry, broke up with her a year ago. To make matters worse, Bradley has offered his nephew, Michael to help with the wedding planning. Michael couldn’t be more opposite to Nicole. He is a free-spirited hopeless romantic and the closest thing he has to a job is playing guitar at a local bar a few times a week. While Nicole and Michael work together night and day, they begin to rub off on one another, and Michael opens Nicole up to a whole new world and perhaps getting her to change her mind on love. Despite Nicole’s feelings towards weddings, and the initial head-butting with Michael, the wedding plans seem to be coming along nicely until Nicole overhears Bradley talking to another woman. All of Nicole’s long-standing feelings about romance come racing back as she’s faced with the decision to tell Kim or to stay out of it, while trying to navigate her own potential feelings towards Michael

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