This year, Ashley will return home for Christmas because her cousin Bella has big news: she's getting engaged to Grant, Ashley's high school sweetheart. Ashley, who still secretly loves Grant all these years later, is both happy for her beloved cousin and quietly devastated to hear the news. Not wanting to come between Bella and Grant's impending engagement, Ashley calls her best friend Liam for advice playfully revealing her one Christmas wish was that she was already with someone else to deflect the attention away from her. This prompts Liam to unexpectedly show up and grant her wish, crashing Christmas and pretending to be her boyfriend in hopes of protecting everyone's feelings and saving the wedding. Now, what started out as a ruse is suddenly becoming something much more, as Ashley and Liam begin to see each other as more than friends for the first time. And as it gets closer to the big engagement party on Christmas Eve, Ashley just might discover her heroic best friend is the man she's been in love with all along. This could be the most magical Christmas back home ever.

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