Emma, an uptight lawyer preparing for a big promotion, believes that if she plans the perfect company retreat, she’ll be sure to make partner. But anything that can go wrong will, and when she arrives at the retreat center run by Liam and his family, it starts pouring and the roads are closed. Neither Liam nor Emma are happy to cancel the retreat (since Liam’s family is struggling financially and really needed the money), but Emma is too caught up in her own problems to realize that the world doesn’t revolve around her job. Thankfully Emma’s boss isn’t too upset about the retreat being canceled, because the real reason for holding it at the lodge was so that Emma could try and convince Liam to sell the lodge to the boss’ cousin. Emma points out that this is a conflict of interest, but her boss glosses over it and practically promises her the partner position if she can close the deal. Emma’s new assignment is to stay at the lodge while the rain clears up and convince Liam to sell. But as Emma and Liam get to know each other better, Emma starts to learn the value of cutting loose, enjoying time with loved ones, and relaxing in the great outdoors.

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