Olivia is the first in her family to get into college. With ambitions of becoming an investigative reporter, she is not afraid to be a fish out of water. She hits it off with her new roommate, Riley, a legacy, whose mother, a powerful attorney, Katherine, wants Riley to pledge to her old sorority. Suffering from debilitating anxiety, Riley pleads with her new friend to join her in pledging too. Seeing an opportunity, Olivia gets the O.K. from a pop news site to go undercover to unearth the hazing rituals of this famed sorority. While Olivia is pleasantly surprised by the inspiration of sisterhood she finds, it is coupled with the horror of a hazing process that pits girls against one another as the pledges go to extraordinary lengths to prove their mettle. During pledge week, Olivia excels, but Riley falters. Rather than offering her a place to belong, Riley fears she will never fit in, no matter who her family is. When Riley goes missing and her body is discovered days later, the death is ruled a suicide. Olivia and Katherine know the truth has been buried and that they must pursue justice at any cost. But what lengths will the powers at play go to keep their secrets?
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