Colbie Clark is an ambitious interior designer for Klein and Smith Design, with her eyes set on a spot on the corporate design team. An opportunity to achieve just that falls onto Colbie’s lap when her boss Mallory informs her that she has been specifically requested by Eloise Chapman to decorate the historic Chapman House for its annual Christmas Ball. The catch? She’ll have to work closely with Ben Thurston the estate’s very handsome manager. Despite early disagreements, Colbie and Ben prove to be a good team and mutual respect begins to blossom alongside mutual attraction. Their chemistry is undeniable but there are a few things that get in their way such as, Colbie’s poor time management, Ben going for a job in Tuscany, Ben being misquoted in an interview about Colbie and Ben’s ex-girlfriend being Eloise Chapman’s daughter Layla. With all this getting in the way and more, Colbie and Ben’s relationship still conquers all. The Christmas Eve Ball goes off without a hitch, Ben sets things right with the reporter, turns down the job offer in Tuscany and confesses his love for Colbie before they share a kiss in the snow.

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