A cancelled wedding and a bankrupt bakery just weeks before Christmas leave Felicity Olson in no mood for the holidays. At her sister Grace’s urging, a downtrodden Felicity returns home with one goal in mind: make enough money to return to Chicago as soon as possible and get her life back on track. When she meets James, a handsome dairy farmer (who loves Christmas, annoyingly enough), she decides to try baking for the local community. Felicity partners with her artistic yet shy 13 year-old niece, Madison, who creates the Instagram account “Christmas With Felicity” to promote and sell the holiday treats. As the business grows they’re confronted by nemesis Caitlin, the town chairwoman and former high school mean girl, who prevents Felicity from selling at the Christmas farmer’s market and excludes her from the upcoming Snow Ball. At least there’s one new constant in her life: her friendship with James. From run-ins at the farmer’s market, school talent show and a near kiss under the mistletoe, James challenges Felicity to find her Christmas spirit. As the ice around her heart melts and cookie orders stream in, Felicity’s family pitches in to help. Her parents' kitchen; an unofficial bakery. James’s hand churned butter; the key ingredient. And after selling cookies alongside James at a moonlight skiing event, a romantic walk amongst the aspens catches Felicity by surprise... Could she be falling for him?

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