Christmas has always been a special time for Lori, who is overworked and underappreciated. She can’t wait for the upcoming Christmas vacation but when her boss tells her she has to work over the holidays, she quits. Uncertain of her future, she sees Patrick, a widowed fire fighter on a reality cooking show and feels a strange connection, like maybe he’s the one for her and decides to meet him in his hometown of Hudson, Wisconsin. Lori is filled with excitement when she arrives but when she sees all the other women who have also flocked to the small town to meet Patrick, all hope is lost. Fortunately, fate steps in and brings them together in an unlikely encounter. Lori doesn't dare to reveal that she is also one of the women who came to town to meet him, but as they spend time together and she starts to fall in love, she will have to share the truth, even if it means she could lose him forever.

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