Maggie Mason left her fiancé at the altar of her early December wedding and run away to her Grandma’s cabin in snowy, rural Massachusetts. When Maggie arrives at the cabin, Grandma’s busy getting ready for the holiday. Maggie attempts to settle in and hunker down for some true self-reflection. When Grandma hires Maggie’s old summer crush, Colt Travis, to help with the Christmas trimming, things start to change. When a blizzard blocks the road, Colt must bunk in with Grandma and Maggie for a few days. During that time, Maggie and Colt realize they still are in love. Meanwhile, Maggie’s familytravel to the cabin to bring her back to her senses. With a lot of determination and some bumps on the icy road, the whole family ends up together at Grandma’s snowy cabin for Christmas, put aside their differences, experience the true joy of the season and even end up with 2 weddings!

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