Join actor and part-time adventurer Shuang Hu (@theoneshu) on a giant screen adventure of a lifetime as she travels to one of the oldest and most beautiful ecological habitats in the world–TheGreatBarrier Reef. Shuang’s journey begins with scuba training along the outer edge of the reef, where her nerves give way to amazement at the color and energy of the underwater world that unfolds before her. Shuang’s adventure continues inland where she explores the oldest rainforest in the world. From a boat ride down a crocodile-infested river, swimming under ancient waterfalls to rafting down the wild Barron Gorge rapids, the adventure becomes action-packed before calming down to feast on local culinary delights. Traveling by land, air and sea, Shuang discovers the area’s history, its secrets, and humanity’s relationship with the region in a journey best experienced in cinema’s glorious premium large format.

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