Blair Thompson is elated when she is chosen by her town’s largest charity organization to design a tiny home for her city’s development to fight homelessness. However, she’s less than thrilled when she discovers that she will be working with her ex-boyfriend, Mason Watts. A year ago, Blair and Mason were considered America’s perfect couple on the super popular TV series Design Dwellers, which centered around redesigning and renovating homes; but the pressures of being young TV personalities took a toll on their romance and their work, and Blair left the show, leaving Mason in the process. Old habits and grudges still linger between the two, creating tension as they work to make a cozy tiny home absolutely Christmas-perfect. Along the way, the spirit of charity and kindness and maybe a little holiday spirit also remind them of what made their relationship so special, rekindling the old sparks and possibly leading Blair and Mason back to each other in time for the perfect Christmas.
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