New York writer Olivia Perkins must think of an idea for her next romance novel but suffers from writer’s block after her recent break-up. To clear her mind, her best friend Katie suggests they take a trip to the tropical Haven Isles. Meanwhile, Prince Alexander endures yet another lecture from his mother, Queen Patricia, on the importance of marrying a royal. Fed up with traditions and protocols, Alexander and his bodyguard Winston decide to attend a wildlife gala set to take place on none other than the Haven Isles. The four holiday-goers soon meet but to Winston’s dismay, the prince hides his true identity. As the group engage in vacation activities, Olivia and Alexander are drawn closer and soon enough they both develop a soft spot for each other. But lurking in the shadows, Ridley, the royal aid has been spying on the prince and relaying information to the palace. When the Queen arrives at the gala intent on squashing whatever is blossoming between her son and the ‘commoner’, Olivia finds herself doubting her future with Alexander and the prospects of the fairy tale ending she always dreamed of.

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