After a break-up with her long-term boyfriend Liam, Morgan struggles to find the same inspiration that she used to around the holidays. After yet another lackluster presentation for her boss at the advertising agency, he suggests she take an early holiday and a much-needed break. If she doesn’t find her inspiration soon, he will be forced to give her job to someone else. Liam, meanwhile, sulks in his apartment, living the life of a bachelor that he thought he wanted. As he stays in night after night, his roommate suggests he do something to get over Morgan as well. Without realizing it, Morgan and Liam inadvertently sign up for the same singles Christmas retreat, hoping it will help them get over one another. As they arrive and meet the other guests, they are optimistic it will be the perfect mood booster they needed – that is, until they see each other there. Forced to spend the holidays together but apart, as the two participate in more and more festive activities, they start to realize that maybe what was important about Christmas was being together.

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