Tony and Emily are in love, but they've had to keep their relationship a secret because they are heirs to rival wineries. If Tony's half-brother/co-owner Parker discovers Tony's relationship, he has grounds to take over Tony's share of the winery due to a contract they have promising that neither of them will "jeopardize the company." Emily begs her older sister Samantha, a flight attendant visiting from out of town, to woo Parker in the hopes that he will be convinced that falling in love with a rival isn't the end of the world. Meanwhile, Samantha grapples with her own relationship with her dad and the family business, while rekindling her love for making wine just in time for the annual Christmas Blend competition. As Parker gets to know Samantha and her keen taste for wine, he begins to develop true feelings and lose some of his more unpleasant up-tight qualities. But will the reveal of Samantha's true identity ruin their budding relationship? Or can he see past the deception in the name of true love? Based on Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew.

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